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Natasha Wright – WPIA President

Natasha Wright


Natasha has lived in Hamilton for over 20 years and believes it is a great place to raise families and as such, it is a stable city to invest in. Her first step onto the property ladder began in 2003 with the purchase of her first home with partner Shawn and her son. Since then, together they have built a steady portfolio of properties, DIY’ing and creating places for tenants to feel at home in. They believe in the ‘buy and hold’ strategy – its not fast or sexy, but it works.

With a background in engineering; contracts, training and project delivery within the Electricity sector, as well as over 10 years experience with managing tenants and properties, Natasha has a wide range of skills to offer the committee and WPIA members.

Natasha is passionate about property and DIY. She has had plenty of challenging and positive experiences with both people and property, and is only too happy to share these so others can learn and benefit from them.

Committee Member

Jenny Tukiwaho Stokes

In 2003, by default my husband and I fell into property investing when we purchased our first home; we rented the home out while we converted a standalone shed at the rear of the section into a one-bedroom unit, while we lived in it. This really opened our eyes to investment properties, and how this structure helped service the mortgage/other expenses and we found a niche for multi-dwelling properties.

Since then, we have mainly focused on buy and holds and have done the odd trade along the way. From inception, we have always been open to looking outside our region of residence and continue to do so when the right opportunity comes up.

Over the last few years, we have shifted our focus to significantly upgrading existing properties or selling down any properties that didn’t meet our needs. We strongly believe in ensuring tenants live in a decent quality house that is well maintained and we have seen the rewards from this with better quality tenants, who are happy in their home.

My day job is as a sales manager for a rural insurer, FMG and prior to this had a number of years in marketing, sales and events roles within the tourism industry.

Tiffany Whyte WPIA committee member

Tiffany Whyte

Committee Member

With a background in banking, non-profit volunteer organisations, rental management and parenting three girls with her husband, as well as operating an organic food forest in the rural Waikato there is never a dull moment.

Tiffany has been doing rental clean ups since childhood, managing properties for over 25 years, owns six residential rentals and operates a sole trader professional property management business.

With a passion for property developed by both parents and parents in law, Property Investors is a natural fit where improving the knowledge and perceptions of both landlords and property managers is a key driver for joining the organisation and the committee.

Daryl Fisher WPIA former president and committee member

Daryl Fisher

Past President

Daryl Fisher has grown his portfolio since 1980 to include such diverse investments from dairy farming, the kiwifruit industry, ski chalets, rental property and holiday units on both sides of the Tasman. Daryl is both a former regional representative and former President of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation. He has been involved in organizing four Federation national conferences and was responsible for bringing top keynote speakers such as Jan Somers and Brad Sugars to these events. Daryl has been working with many seasoned property investors for over 12 years and has put a lot of this knowledge and experience back into the industry via seminars. Daryl is a well-respected professional property investor who keeps his knowledge current by being in the market place every day. (When Daryl is not off “cruising” the world)

“I use a base formula that has different stages and depending on what part of the property cycle we are at, it changes. Having been through several downturns since I started, I know it works.”


Jessie Rosser WPIA Committee member

Jessie Rosser


Meet Jessie, a valuable member of our team since February 2020. With a background in Real Estate Administration and years of property management experience, she's here to offer essential support to our WPIA members and executive team.

You can find us at the WPIA Office within GJ Gardners – Te Rapa, Hamilton, where we're ready to assist you.

📞  078389201  |  📧

Jennie Kingma WPIA former president and committee member

Jennie Kingma

Committee Member

Jennie and husband Stan met in Hamilton some 40 years ago while studying. After living in Auckland, then Australia for several years, they returned to Hamilton in 1999 with a job offer, and brought three daughters back with them. Their first step into property investment was the purchase of their business premises in 2004 – which they still operate out of today.  Other properties have followed on from there.

A member of WPIA since 2014, they joined to learn more about property investing and gain a better knowledge of being a better investor and landlord. They are believers of providing a rental property that they would live in themselves.

Jennie – a self employed bookkeeper by trade with a background in construction and building industry, Jennie has always had an interest in management accounting and helping organisations with reporting and compliance. Working with a wide variety of business types, Jennie has a special interest in non-profit organisations. The opportunity came up recently to fill the Treasurer role, so Jennie jumped at that chance to help the organisation.