Change is coming, make sure you have your say

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has released two reviews that will have a large impact on our industry.

The two reviews are on the Residential Tenancies Act and what standards should be imposed as part of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act.

The NZPIF will be making a submission. However tenant groups are encouraging tenants to make individual submissions and are holding on and off-line seminars to encourage and help them.

Because of this we really need as many landlords as possible to have their say as well.

To help achieve this the NZPIF has written two reports to summarise what it is being proposed, to set out the questions which MBIE is asking and to provide a short summary of the NZPIF view on the proposals.

The report on the RTA Review can be found here and the report on the proposed standards for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act can be found here.

We have also developed a survey on each of the reviews and we encourage you to take both. The information we obtain from these surveys will help us understand what rental property owners are thinking and they will also provide us with evidence that we can use in our own submissions.

Take this link for the survey on the RTA review.

Complete this survey about the standards proposed by the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act.

These are large and important reviews that will have a big impact on our industry. We need MBIE and Government to have the right information so that they can make informed decisions about how our industry is going to change.

Please take the time to have your say.



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