Daryl FisherPast President

    Daryl Fisher has grown his portfolio since 1980 to include such diverse investments from dairy farming, the kiwifruit industry, ski chalets, rental property and holiday units on both sides of the Tasman. Daryl is both a former regional representative and former President of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation. He has been involved in organizing four Federation national conferences and was responsible for bringing top keynote speakers such as Jan Somers and Brad Sugars to these events. Daryl has been working with many seasoned property investors for over 12 years and has put a lot of this knowledge and experience back into the industry via seminars. Daryl is a well-respected professional property investor who keeps his knowledge current by being in the market place every day. (When Daryl is not off “cruising” the world)

    “I use a base formula that has different stages and depending on what part of the property cycle we are at, it changes. Having been through several downturns since I started, I know it works.”