Jenny Tukiwaho StokesCommittee Member

    In 2003, by default my husband and I fell into property investing when we purchased our first home; we rented the home out while we converted a standalone shed at the rear of the section into a one bedroom unit, while we lived in it. This really opened our eyes to investment properties, how this structure helped service the mortgage/other expenses and we found a niche for multi dwelling properties.

    Since then, we have mainly focused on buy and holds and have done the odd trade along the way. From inception we have always been open to looking outside our region of residence and continue to do so when the right opportunity comes up.

    Over the last few years we have shifted our focus to significantly upgrading existing properties or selling down any properties that didn’t meet our needs. We strongly believe in ensuring tenants live in a decent quality house that is well maintained and we have seen the rewards from this with better quality tenants, who are happy in their home.

    My day job is as a sales manager for a rural insurer, FMG and prior to this had a number of years in marketing, sales and events roles within the tourism industry.