Natasha WrightPresident

    Natasha has lived in Hamilton for over 20 years and believes it is a great place to raise families and as such, it is a stable city to invest in. Her first step onto the property ladder began in 2003 with the purchase of her first home with partner Shawn and her son. Since then, together they have built a steady portfolio of properties, DIY’ing and creating places for tenants to feel at home in. They believe in the ‘buy and hold’ strategy – its not fast or sexy, but it works.

    With a background in engineering; contracts, training and project delivery within the Electricity sector, as well as over 10 years experience with managing tenants and properties, Natasha has a wide range of skills to offer the committee and WPIA members.

    Natasha is passionate about property and DIY. She has had plenty of challenging and positive experiences with both people and property, and is only too happy to share these so others can learn and benefit from them.